Why Digital

digital Reference Checks

Digital reference checks enhance the hiring process by increasing efficiency, standardization, and accessibility, while providing valuable data-driven insights for better decision-making.

Complete In 24 Hours

Automated and streamlined processes, improve communication and increase response rates. Expediting the reference checking process.

Reduce Time And Effort

Initiate a reference check in less than 1 minute, reducing time and effort from 75+- minutes.

Improved Data Sample

Increasing the number of references you can reach, which improves the quality of the data sample.

Professional experience

Candidates and recruiters have a professional experience throughout the entire process, from requesting references to receiving feedback.

Fully Customizable Questions And Surveys

Avoid legal concerns and improve compliance.

Multi-Factor Fraud Detection

Multi-factor fraud detection helps identify red flags and problematic information and behavior, promoting more honest and open feedback.

Comprehensive Reports And Analytics

Comprehensive reports and analytics allow for data-driven decision-making.

Hire Top Talent Faster

Hire top talent faster, without losses due to delays.